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About Us:

Our Speakers & Staff


Dr. Alexander Waldman

Creator of the TAPS system

Dr. Alexander Waldman is the inventor of the TAPS system. Dr. Waldman is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. He received his BA and DMD from the University of Pennsylvania and completed his Masters of Medical Science degree and orthodontics fellowship at Harvard University. Dr. Waldman has been in private practice in Beverly Hills, CA since 2003.

Ms. Casey Bull

Office Manager

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Ms. Casey Bull is the former office manager of Waldman Orthodontics and is currently the National Operations Manager for the U.S. for The Invisible Orthodontist.

Ms. Justina Caputo

Course Adminstrator, TAPS

Invisalign Coordinator and Chief Digital Assistant, Waldman orthodontics

  Ms. Justina Caputo is the Invisalign Coordinator and Chief Digital Assistant at Waldman Orthodontics and is the administrative director of the TAPS course.

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